February 2024 Lab Night

Okay everyone, mark your calendars… the next Lab Night is on 28FEB24. I had several requests at the January Lab Night to do this next one, so here we go…

I already have all the materials on hand, or on order (just waiting for my DX50 wire from Callum (DX Commander) to arrive from England). The wire should be here next week. As you may or may not know, this is my favorite antenna and I build them on the regular for people.

We are going to construct 125’ Doublet Antennas.  You can make yours shorter if you wish, but I am providing two 75’ lengths of wire as part of this kit which is enough to make one antenna with ~10’ of ladder line.  

To operate this HF multi-band antenna you will need to assemble more ladder line (doesn’t need to be Kevlar core, I use 14awg THHN from Home Depot) a 4:1 Balun (I bought mine from Joe K1JEK) and a tuner.  This antenna is not resonant on any band which is why you need the tuner. The cost of the materials for this kit is $100.

Please hit the thread at Groups.io with a reply if you plan to attend.  (Pictured above is a demo, not the actual size.)


Rory (W1ENR)