Who Is The PCARC?

About the PCARC

The Port City Amateur Raio Club or PCARC is an ARRL affiliated amateur radio club located in the seacoast region of New Hampshire. The club has members not only from New Hampshire, but also from the surrounding New England states and beyond. The club’s membership is incredibly diverse. Members range in age from the teens to over 80 years old. Member experience is equally diverse. The club has experts in low power operating (QRP), contesting, antenna building, “home brewing”, DX’ing, APRS, digital modes, public service communications, satellites, and more.


Amateur radio is an exciting hobby that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Radio amateurs also knowns as “hams” communicate around the neighborhood, the world, and even into space using state of the art radio equipment and antennas. The PCARC is a dynamic club that has been growing for several years and operates a club station, with callsign W1WQM, where members have access to equipment covering VHF/UHF, APRS, and HF stations. The club also has capability to provide members with access to radio equipment remotely over the Internet.


Along with the club’s main callsign of W1WQM, the PCARC is also the holder of the callsign NM1JY of the USS Albacore. The USS Albacore was a groundbreaking research submarine built at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and today is in permanent drydock and open to the public just a short way up the Piscataqua River.


At the core, amateur radio is a service that can be called upon in a time of need such as a natural disaster. To keep prepared to respond to events the club and its members participate in mock disasters and local community events by providing communication support services.


We hope this brief introduction about the PCARC has given you a better idea of what amateur radio is about. If you’re considering becoming a licensed amateur radio operator we would be happy to guide you along in that journey. We invite you to visit us during a club meeting or lab night and welcome you to join our list of members.

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